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The 24 Seasons Drum Club of 7th College (KOSASS), UPM was founded on 24 February 1997 by Mr. Chan Toong Sing, who was a UPM student and resident of KOSASS himself. UPM was the first university to have an established drum team in Malaysia and has since been involved in numerous performances both in and out of campus.

24 Seasons Drum (24 Festive Drums) is a unique Malaysian culture that traces back to 1988 when Mr. Tan Chai Puan and Mr. Tan Hooi Song were inspired to see the outcome of playing 9 lion drums simultaneously during the 9th National Dance Festival. True enough, the impact of the resounding drums astounded the crowds and this musical heritage has since been spread to schools, universities and even evolve into private performing arts organisation (e.g. HANDS Percussion, Orang-orang Drum Theatre, VR Drumming Academy) both in and out of the country as a recognised culture of Malaysian Chinese.
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