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About Emcee Jerry Wong
It is Mic-alicious!

#I have a dream.

A well-known speech since 1963 has become one of the most inspiring motto in my life. Being the centre of attention has become one of the most important dreams in my life. Since the day I knew ABC or 123, I have been participating in various activities, be it on or off the stage. Be it Public Speaking, Hosting, Emcee-ing, Speech Contesting, Debating, Singing, Dancing or Acting, all these showcasing performances are the addiction, mission and vision in my life!

Simply because it is Mic-alicious!

#Mission Passion and Vision

I am charismatic with flamboyant and sophisticated characters. Being a people-oriented performer, it is important to have these approachable attributes to attract the attention of the crowd, to amuse the audiences and to succeed in the events. It is always my objective to ensure that they have a mesmerizing and memorable wedding reception experience.

It is important for me to understand that, a particular event can never be repeated. Hence, I will be extremely meticulous and handle the details punctiliously.

Being a versatile event emcee, language is the fundamental element to build up the events. I am fluent, eloquent and articulate in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia. You choose it, and I show it.

#Be the Learner

Quality is the ultimate solution for every single event. I joined Toastmasters International to enhance and improve my communications skills. It is to ensure that my performances are always graded with A+ status and be impactful.
Performing Experience
RHB Investment and Asset Management Unit Trust Sales Gala Dinner in Bangkok
RL Interior 1st Anniversary Dinner

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