About GIG88

About GIG88

GIG88 is a fast growing performing artist platform that allows everyone to find and connect with performers from around the world.

We understand that sourcing the performing artists has always been a hassle. Thus, we created this one-stop performer sourcing platform that caters all kinds of performances.

What's cool about this platform is we do not charge any booking fees or taking cut from the performers.

How It Works?

Step 1: Search
Search performers with your event location, budget and date. The result will show all the performers that available to you.
Step 2: Watch
Nothing explains better than a video. We encourage our performers to show their live video instead of studio polished video.
Step 3: Connect
Send your event details to the performer via GIG88 Messenger. They will respond as soon as possible with further discussion.

The Team

Ziv Kong
Ziv Kong
The Mastermind
As both performer and website developer, he finds that by combining both of his skills, he can make a difference in the industry.
Ziv Kong
Brandon Chong
The Full Stack Engineer
Nothing beats a hardcore coder with his own framework. The man behind the system architecture and algorithms of the platform.
Ziv Kong
Calvin Ng
Public Relations
Public relations plays an important role in GIG88. The only person who are able to communicate in layman's terms.
Ziv Kong
David Gan
Account & Finance
Sensitive to numbers and spreadsheets. His experience in banking ensuring the finance is always in the best condition.
Ziv Kong
Montana Choi
Business Development
Corporate development and servicing. She plays the role of exploring business opportunity with corporations and businesses.
Ziv Kong
Chai Vivan
Talent Management
She found her abilities not only in organizing arts event, but the understanding and dealing with people to meet their expectation.