GIG88 Basic Guideline


GIG88 is a multi-profiles platform that allows you to add more than one talent profile. You will need to follow standard guideline in order to have the best results.


Please spend some time reading the guideline below for better understanding how we work here.


User Settings
Click the "User Settings" located at User Panel on the left of the page. Fill in all the particular before proceeding to next progress.

Profile List
Click on the "Profile List" located at User Panel on the left to start creating your first profile. After profile creation, please click 'Edit Profile' to fill in other details.

All Videos
Click on the All Videos located at User Panel on the left to start uploading your first video. You may edit the video by clicking the edit button located at the bottom right of the video card.

By fill in all particulars, you may now freely to share their profile or video to anyone.




You may aware of GP amount located at the User Panel. GP are the points that will be used to exchange for many features which will be available soon. Please check the list below for the activity that will generate GP or deduct GP


GP Earnings


  • Profile Creation: 1,000 GP per profile created.
  • Video Upload: 100 GP per video uploaded.
  • VIdeo Sharing: 50 GP per sharing.
  • Video Applause: 10 GP per applause gained.
  • Video Views: 1 GP per view.


GP Deductions


  • Profile Deletion: 1,000 GP per profile deleted.
  • Video Uploads: 100 GP per video deleted.


Please be aware that user might not be able to delete profile or video if there are no GP left in your account. Always think wise before deleting profile or video as these deleted items are forever lost including all the statistics.


Thank you for using GIG88.