How Do GIG88 Helps Performers from Around the World?


GIG88 may seems like an ordinary video platform with no difference than others. Performers are freely to create their profiles and upload video of their talents.


So why do so many performers still join us? Why don’t they just simply upload their video to YouTube or Facebook?


Here are the top 5 reasons why performers from around the world like GIG88 so much:


Gig Buzz Dashboard

GIG88 has a dashboard that updates performers on what is happening around. Gig Buzz will show the performer’s profiles and videos statistic along with other gig updates.


Performers such as Emcee, Live Band, Magician and Clown finds it very important to keep track on daily gig updates and video performances.


Search Engine Optimizations (S.E.O.) Automations.

GIG88 will automatically assign suitable S.E.O. settings according to the country and types of performers. This will greatly increase the chance of reaching potential clients. Let us do all the harsh work while performers can focus on their skills.


No Booking Fees Policy

Booking fees or booking charges only applies to agencies. The management team stands firm on no booking fees policy to maintain the position of open platform. Clients are directly deal with the performers. Everyone is free to contact anyone here in GIG88.


Maximum Freedom

Making a quality video is not an easy task and we understand it. Therefore, performers are not limited to upload only quality videos and profile write-ups.


In fact, potential clients are more likely to see a live performance video instead of a superb quality out-of-studio video. As long as the content is legit, we won’t interfere performers’ unique way of presenting their talents.


Friendly Management Team

Unlike other platform, GIG88 response to enquiries and feedbacks very frequently. Reported bugs are most likely to be fixed in following patch. We do encourage the community to give opinion and feedbacks. We listen and willing to change.


All types of performers are welcomed to showcase their talents here.


Our categories will keep on expanding and performers are freely change category anytime. Their video will automatically move to the new category within 2 hours after the changes.