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Emcee JeMein
About Emcee JeMein
Je Mein's full repertoire as an Emcee began in 2011. To date, he has planned and emceed a combined total of over 30 corporate events, product launches, wedding dinners and talent show. He has vast experience as a Master of Ceremonies and managing corporate events with protocols. The average audience headcount is over 100 pax but his largest crowd was over 2,000 pax. For weddings, he not only emcee dinners but can assist as an aisle runner as well. He has done Chinese, Indian, Western and Church-themed weddings. His knack for a spontaneous and creative atmosphere shone when he hosted a talent show for Central Christian Church.

When he is not facing an audience, he has enormous passion for writing, having written articles that were published in The Star newspaper and Universiti Putra Malaysia magazine, where he was also a translator for the latter. Besides that, he actively volunteers for HOPE Worldwide Malaysia in the area of fund raising, food distribution, English teaching and caroling.

Find out more @ http://jemein.com/
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