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About HYJ Wushu Academy, Malaysia
HYJ Wushu Academy, is also known as Huo Yuan Jia Wushu Academy, was established by three former wushu instructors from Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Chinwoo Athletic Association. The name Huo Yuan Jia is the name of a renowned founder of Chinwoo Association, which was established based on the master’s magnificent values and ability in forgiving, and his persistency in striving for a stronger nation.

HYJ Wushu Academy was founded on January 2006 based on strong commitment by the three foremost martial arts instructors in Malaysia, Master Chong Sit Fook, Master Tommy Yam, and Master Ken Woo, who determined to surpass any conservatives thinking in the current martial arts education system. They recognised the necessities to restrain from holding on to traditional values in this current era, and determined to succeed Master Huo’s initial aspiration in promoting Chinese martial arts to the society in order to build a stronger nation. They determined to build the nation not merely by building physical wellness, but also to train each individual in mental wellbeing, courageousness, wisdom in life and literacy in education.

“For Wushu We Gather” is a simple yet explicit slogan for HYJ Wushu Academy, created by the three wushu masters. They stressed that people gather to learn wushu regardless of individuals’ ethnics or nationalities. Hence HYJ Wushu Academy would be a place to provide education, to scrutinize and delve in the wisdom of martial arts and morality, as well as to get together and to acknowledge the arts and culture from all around the world.


2006年正月,他们三位武术教育者作為马來西亚武术教育的先鋒,秉持著发扬霍元甲先师的伟大武术精神,抱持著把武术推向国际的大愿;以一种与时俱进、超越传统,將武术年轻化与普及化的姿势,攜手成立了马來西亚霍元甲武术学院。 『众聚为武』是他们打出的口号,简单而直接──就是不同民族,不同国籍也都能夠相聚在一块学习中华文化之魂──武术(功夫/国术)。一个为人而教育的地方,一个重武重德,文武齐修的文化世界,聚合了热爱武术文化的心。简单而直接,这就是霍元甲武术学院。
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