MARK & PINKY - Malaysia Magician - GIG88
The Champion In Malaysia Magic Competition 2007​

The Asia Famous China TV Programme "Let's Do Magic" Top-5 Magician​

World Largest Magic Society The Merlin Award Winner 2012
The Book Of Malaysia Record holder The Fastest Costume Quick Change
" 1min 14 changes"​

Mark & Pinky well known for their innovative illusions such as Sawing lady in half and vanishing people.Pinky admits that "magic threw my whole notion of dance and performance on its head" as the unpredictability and intensity of magic presented her with a whole new set of challenges. The result of their hard work is stunning when they perform together on stage.
Mark and Pinky, call their team name THE VIVAS . Their fusion of dance, illusion, comedy, and close-up magic in finely choreographed routines is groundbreaking. To see them together on stage is to watch a wonder of moving poetry.
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