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In the past 24 hours, there's a sudden burst of registrations and video uploads right after we test our new Gig Buzz feature.   Many thanks all the performers from Malaysia in supporting GIG88. We are working very hard in improving and adding features to the platform.   Also, we have encountered quite a number of questions that ask similar q...
Article Date: April 12, 2016
Posted In: Announcement
Today, the creators of GIG88 have unveiled a new video portal where artists and performers can showcase their work and talents. Unlike most artist portals, GIG88 is different, as the portal is not charging any booking fees and focuses on promoting artists instead of just streaming videos.  “We focus on enabling artists to showcase their work by uploading videos of thei...
Article Date: December 22, 2015
Posted In: Media
We noticed that some of our members are concern about their data privacy and content security. In response, GIG88 is now secured with 2048 bit SSL from DigiCert. Every single information that pass through our server will be fully monitored and encrypted.   To learn more about how HTTPS and SSL wor...
Article Date: December 21, 2015
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Over a week of redesign and restructure the platform, GIG88 has officially gone Open Beta.   Hopefully everyone finds it easier to use compared to previous Closed Beta version.   Visitors may now register yourselves without requesting beta registrations link anymore.   Many changes have been made and there are still bugs...
Article Date: December 03, 2015
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GIG88 is now officially into Closed Beta stage. During this stage, users are only limited to these features:   Registrations: Only invited users with registration link can register and start posting video.   Profile: Only limited editable area that open t...
Article Date: November 16, 2015
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