Better Data Privacy and Security with GIG88

Better Data Privacy and Security with GIG88

Article Date: December 21, 2015
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Posted By: GIG88 Administrator

We noticed that some of our members are concern about their data privacy and content security. In response, GIG88 is now secured with 2048 bit SSL from DigiCert. Every single information that pass through our server will be fully monitored and encrypted.


To learn more about how HTTPS and SSL works, please visit "Behind the Scenes of SSL Cryptography" by DigiCert for more technical information.


How To Protect Your Information In GIG88


  1. Only enter your contact information in User Settings and Edit Profile area.
    Your contact information is only available for GIG88 registered member. This will prevent external spambot from crawling your email, phone number and social media contacts.
  2. Avoid giving out your contact information to unknown visitors.
    GIG88 can't protect you if you decided to give your information to third party.
  3. Avoid showing contact information in About and Video Description section.
    GIG88 will only mask contact information that you entered in User Settings and Profile Contacts. Other descriptions are not masked.


We will try our best to secure all the information in our server all the time. Let's support individual privacy together and make GIG88 a healthier environment for everyone.