GIG88 is officially entering Closed Beta stage

GIG88 is officially entering Closed Beta stage

Article Date: November 16, 2015
Posted In: Announcement
Posted By: GIG88 Administrator

GIG88 is now officially into Closed Beta stage. During this stage, users are only limited to these features:


  1. Registrations:
    Only invited users with registration link can register and start posting video.

  2. Profile:
    Only limited editable area that open to users.

  3. User Tier:
    Only Free Tier is available which limits one user profile creation and three video uploads.

  4. Gig Points (GP):
    GP is currently earnable via video posting, video sharing and applauses.

Please be bear with us as this is only the beta stage of the platform.


More functions will be updated in time. Please stay with us for more update via Gig Feeds.

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