GIG88 Unveils Video Portal Where Performers Can Showcase Their Talents To Gain Business

GIG88 Unveils Video Portal Where Performers Can Showcase Their Talents To Gain Business

Article Date: December 22, 2015
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Posted By: GIG88 Administrator

Today, the creators of GIG88 have unveiled a new video portal where artists and performers can showcase their work and talents. Unlike most artist portals, GIG88 is different, as the portal is not charging any booking fees and focuses on promoting artists instead of just streaming videos. 

“We focus on enabling artists to showcase their work by uploading videos of their performances. Videos tell more than words or pictures, which is why our portal delivers more than just basic gig listings. We enable artists to upload their work to showcase it in front of other artists and possible clients who might be just looking to hire them.”, Ziv Kong, the site’s CEO commented. 

Besides enabling artists and performers to upload their videos, the site also features advanced community options such as keeping contact details private and the option to create public profiles. By creating a profile and uploading one or more videos, performers can be discovered by event managers or private parties who are looking for artists and performers for their event or gig. 

“Our community is not limited by any means. No matter if there is demand for a magician, a clown, dancers or cultural artists – GIG88 brings together people just like other niche networks – except that videos tell more than words.”, the site’s CEO added. 

GIG88 is currently a BETA service, meaning the developers of the site are still optimizing the site’s functionality, while collecting feedback from already registered artists and performers. Individuals who join GIG88 while in beta status will benefit from the site’s MVP badge – a unique and limited edition badge which is available to beta stage performers who actively participate within the community only. 

Members who receive the MVP badge will be rewarded with many upcoming discount benefits in future. More details about the MVP badge can be found in the FAQ section of the site. To qualify for the MVP badge, new members have to create their personal profile and upload at least one performance video during the beta period. 

“By comparing to other video platforms, GIG88 has a unique position where only performer videos are allowed here. Our visitors are genuine. GIG88 aims to be the largest performer library in coming future. GIG88 is not an agency. Therefore, we are not charging anything between performers and their clients. It's our job to connects performers and their potential clients.”, a GIG88 spokesperson commented.  

GIG88 is an online portal where artists and performers can showcase their work without having to pay any booking fees. The site is currently operating in BETA mode but is already accepting members into the community.


Unlike similar video portals, GIG88 focuses on bringing together artists and performers with individuals or companies who are actively looking for performers for events or private parties and gigs. This is what makes this community stand out compared to regular video portals. 


Source: 7th Space Interactive