Open Beta version of GIG88 is now live

Open Beta version of GIG88 is now live

Article Date: December 03, 2015
Posted In: Announcement
Posted By: GIG88 Administrator

Over a week of redesign and restructure the platform, GIG88 has officially gone Open Beta.


Hopefully everyone finds it easier to use compared to previous Closed Beta version.


Visitors may now register yourselves without requesting beta registrations link anymore.


Many changes have been made and there are still bugs here and there (we knew it).


Give us some time as we keep on improving every single day to fit your best comfort!


Changes that we made for this update are:


  1. Free Tier members are now able to create 2 profiles.
  2. 'Cultural' category has been implemented.
  3. Invitation function has been enabled.
  4. Easy to use 'Profile Creation Wizard'.
  5. Video page has been modified.
  6. Video view algorithms changed.
  7. Brand new user registration module.
  8. FAQs added.
  9. Terms of Use updated.
  10. Statistic Bar implemented.
  11. Phone Number in User Settings.
  12. Fixed Country Display at Profile (thanks to Sharlyn for pointing out)


Following changes will be made in short while:


  1. Search Results Layout.
  2. Talent Category Layout.
  3. My Profile Layout.
  4. My Videos Layout.
  5. Profile Page Layout.