Thank you very much for all your support

Thank you very much for all your support

Article Date: April 12, 2016
Posted In: Announcement
Posted By: GIG88 Administrator

In the past 24 hours, there's a sudden burst of registrations and video uploads right after we test our new Gig Buzz feature.


Many thanks all the performers from Malaysia in supporting GIG88. We are working very hard in improving and adding features to the platform.


Also, we have encountered quite a number of questions that ask similar questions:
"Can we do this?" or "Can we do that on this platform?"


Our answer is:
It's an open platform. Do whatever it takes to market yourselves as a performer. We are here to pull connections to all parties and hopefully everyone benefits from it.


As we mentioned in, we are not a platform that disrupting anyone. We are not an agency. In fact, we are trying our very best to create a platform that makes performer booking and sourcing easier.


Again, I would like to thanks to performers, agencies, end users and media that supporting us from the beginning. Looking forward to drop the "BETA" tag in our logo soon...


Ziv Kong
CEO, Founder of GIG88