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About rwandan acrobats
1. Introduction
We are a group of acrobats from Rwanda, we are located in kigali town here in Rwanda ,we do the perfect entertainment through our talent like GYMNASTICS, ACROYOGA ,FIGHTING GAME,JUGGLING THE CLUBS ,JUGGLING THE HATS, BALANCING BOTTLE,CHAIR BALANCE. EATING FIRE ,LIMBO DANCE.CHAIR GAMES ,DIABOLO ,CLOWN ,PYRAMIDS and others……….

Before we become a group, everyone was doing himself for having fun ...And we were living in the same area, that’s where everyone started to join each other for talking how we can create one group. It was in 2004 .since that time until now we still doing acrobatics as one group, which means that we do acrobatics for 10 years.

In our group we are 19 members who are registered. So in those 19, we are 7 grownups, the rest are the students that we train .and those grownups are the ones who do the performances when we have them…and we do circus training for anyone who want to have a fun of to become an artist ,we also do the perfect entertainment in the events, wedding ,ceremonies ,parties ,and other things like that.

So about what we do in our daily life we also have something that we always do when we have the shows ,and we do it as our responsibility ,like to help others who are in bad life situation here in our group between us even outside of our group.forestance we have 4 kids that we take care of them in everything like feeding them ,buying for them the cloths ,pay school fees and others which are needed in life ,but is not easy for us cause we the money when we have the shows ,which means that we don’t have other things which can help us to take care for them, but we have to do it because is our vision and expectation.

2. Our vision
• To build ourselves through acrobatics and clown to help others who lives in bad life situations
• To be known all over the world
• Our talent to become a decent work
• To spread laughter and to remove the suffering
• To give others hope for their future
• To participate international acrobatics championship

3. Our expectations
• To be improved in wealthy, skills ,and help people who lives in bad life situations
• To create a world full of laughter
• To create a partnership all over the world
• To be known all over the world

4. Our values

• Patriotism
• Unity
• Respect
• Work
• Solidarity
• Excellence
• Equality
• Partnership

5. Aim and strategic objectives

• to contribute our knowledge
• to share knowledge, ideas, skills through our talent with culture between us and others
• to encourage the acrobats to research and develop their artistic work and to have self confidence
• To fight against HIV/SIDA and to fight corruption and drugs through our talent

6. Achievements

• Before we become a group everyone was doing himself for having fun but now we are a big group and we started to be known here in Rwanda even outside of our country
• Many of us got the passports and we started to participate in the different festivals like DANCE WEEK FESTIVAL IN UGANDA ,ITALIANO FESTIVAL,LABA STREET ART FESTIVAL IN UGANDA, INTERNATIONAL CLOWN CAMP, STOCKHOLM STREET FESTIVAL IN SWEDEN FOR 2 TIMES and others .
• We participate in exposition every year here in Rwanda to make advertisement for them through our talent.
• We also have some of us who finished secondary schools through our talent and we wish them to continue in university.
• Sometime when we have ability we take insurance for the acrobats
• And others are still coming
in spreading laughter, we started to visit some orphanage centers, the refugee camps and others like ORPHELINAT IMBABAZI,CHABA CAMP,NYABIHEKE CAMP,UBUMWE COMMUNITY CENTER, kiziba refugee camp, and others.
we tried to make them smile instead of keep thinking about their future life there are in .and this make us feel strong and feel that we will reach our goals.

*in order to help others who are in bad life situation we started to take some street kids help them like to feed them ,give them some cloths when there is ability, so we can't help them how to sleep because right now we don't have that ability and also we help goma kids from Congo, we thought to create goma project because we saw that in Congo there are also many kids who are in bad life situation that's why we decided to make this project but we still need some help and also we have children holidays camp here in Rwanda in order to keep the kids busy in the holidays when they are not at schools, which means that we try to find the support to make it happen but whenever you feel to help our group don't hesitate to help us just feel free. And whenever you want to visit our group just feels at home and just come and visit my country
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