Emce Jerry - RL Annual Dinner 2016 by Emcee Jerry Wong, Malaysia Emcee - GIG88
Emce Jerry - RL Annual Dinner 2016
#To host the events for you 为您专业的主持活动
From Opening, speech giving, lucky draw to closing session, you need an emcee to host on behalf of the company and your reputation, professionally.

#To create suitable ambience in your events 为您打造适当的气氛
Be it lively or formal, Jerry will specially design the ambience just to suit your dinner theme or company directions.

#To be your Game-Master 成为您活动中的游戏灵魂人物
One of the most exciting program in the event is to have fun in game session! Jerry can conduct funny and interactive games just to ensure you and your guests will have vibrant evening and kept in their mind as the best event they have attended before!
Emcee Jerry Wong
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