THE POMPEROS Bubble artists

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Mega bubbles

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Performance Specification

It consists of a soap bubble show of all sizes , especially the giants that stand out for their volume , color and striking , capturing the attention of the whole world .
We also have a bubble maker to enliven and give ambiance to any event.
Small workshop to get everyone involved making bubbles with different tools such as rings , pomperos , snowshoeing, etc. on an inflatable pool .
And also for those who want to involve in huge bubbles of large size, made ​​with a giant hoop , also on an inflatable pool .
The latter can only be performed by the indoor wind subject .
Of course we have all the necessary material .
The duration of show is 30 min . or more passes in 10 minutes.
And the participative workshop is about 1 hour.

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Alma Mater
THE POMPEROS born of a friendship between two great artists who met backstage. Following there to create and shape a show that wowed everyone , such as GIANT SOAP BUBBLES They...

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