egyptian dance show

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1.iskndrany 6 min

2.saidi 7 min

3.hagalh 6 min

4.nobian 6 min

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Performance Specification

Professional dancers with a wealth of experience, our Egyptian performers are sure to impress with their dynamic and high energy show demonstrating Egyptian and Arabic folk dances. Amongst their performances are belly dancing and Tanoura routines, blending Egyptian folk music with traditional Sufi dance for a truly spectacular display. 

Offering dynamic and exciting dance entertainment, our troupe are bound to be the highlight of your event with their incredible talent and dedication. Ideal for festivals, themed events, weddings and more, our Egyptian dancers can also offer corporate entertainment for exhibitions, awards ceremonies, and conferences.

Our dancers can perform a wide range of dances with both male and female dancers in both traditional costumes and modern outfits​


1. saide ; 7.30 min.)

2. iskndrany 5.30 min.)

3. nobia 6 min.)

4. hagalah  7 min.)

5.  falahe 5 min.)

6. shmedan 5 min.)

7. gawaze 5 min )

8. dabka 5 min.)

9. tanoura 9 min.)

10. badouian 5 min )

11. mask 4 min.) 4 min)

13.smsemya 6 min)

The total duration of 45-50 minutes show.

All performances can be made in the framework of the overall program, and separately from each other

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Alma Mater
stunning Egyptian and Arabian dance show to impress the audience with traditional entertainment Genuine Arabian entertainment with Egyptian and Arabic folk dances and the stunning...